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What is GenevaERS?

(in less than 140 words)

GenevaERS fixes log jams in your computer processing.

For example, a customer program took 25 hours to run.

GenevaERS did it in less than one hour - on the same data on the same computer producing the same results.

How is that possible?

Reads from disk are 1000 times slower than calculations. Too many reads waste time.

Example: a product file has 1,000 records and a sales file has a million records. A report program reads the product file for each sales transaction.

That means the report reads the product file a million times.

GenevaERS reads the product file just 1,000 times. GenevaERS is fast because it saves 999,000 reads.

You could fix this by rewriting your programs.

GenevaERS is free and does the programming for you.

A paid version is even faster using special features.

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